Shoujins new competition squad training programme is now more focused on the athletes current level of ability with a programme tailored to their aspired level of competition success. 

Students who wish to join the programme must make every effort to attend the allocated training sessions in full, and must commit to participating in competitions as advised by the coaching team. 

Every student participating must be committed, have a good work ethic, and be willing to do more to get the best from the programme.  Failure to do so will result in being dropped from the squad. 

If you are interested in joining the competition squad, please e-mail to enquire, or click below


All communication re squad programme must be with parents or guardians directly for those under 16 years old. 

All programme details will be provided via e-mail communication once approval to join the squad has been accepted. 

Not every student is expected to be a competitor, but if you think you have what it takes, enjoy competition and really want to put your karate to the test against the best.  Enquire now. 

Sapphire squad badge.jpg

This squad is focused on the novice level competitor, helping them gain technique and improve confidence at competition.

Entry level competitor

Sapphire Squad

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Ruby squad badge.jpg

This squad is focused on moving up within local and national level competition, with a higher expectation of commitment and training

Intermediate level competitor

Ruby Sqaud

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Diamond squad badge.jpg

This squad is highly focused on National & International competition and national selection criteria, as well as higher grade veteran comp training, expectation is total commitment and extremely focused work ethic

Elite level competitor

Diamond Squad

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