The saddest news brings new beginnings

Updated: May 23

It is with a heavy heart that I write to advise that today was Sensei Tony Solleys ( and mine I guess) last day with Shoujin Karate Kai. Both Tony and I have tirelessly over the years worked in representation of the 'Association heads' to establish Shoujin as a brand to be proud of, 'heck I even designed the logo and helped find the name when we departed from Ishinryu! We have worked tirelessly and voluntarily to bring you a world class club and dojo, that could produce world class karate ka, regardless of the origins or background of each student, with aspirations of growing further. We have had huge success with Sensei Tony coaching students from all Shoujin clubs to over 100 national podium titles and over half of those 1st place in both Kata and Kumite disciplines, as well as assisting students to reach national slections. Despite our best efforts we feel we have struggled to get on the same page as those in charge, and have felt hampered for want of a better word to progress where we knew we could. Then of course we were hit by Covid-19, and besides our best efforts to appeal to the Association to help us keep the dojo going,by banding together as one unit, it was not to be and other communications revealed that there is a definite different viewpoint with what we feel translates as a lack of appreciation of our efforts over a good part of the last decade, and therefore we have felt there is no choice but to part without malice but with much sadness, and investigate pastures new.

Well those pastures aren't that new, as thanks to the support of some wonderful people the dojo will remain, and karate will still be taught. We hope to bring you some good news once we know when (or if) the East London Gymnastic Centre can reopen. Sensei Tony Solley will still be licenced with the EKF . You just cant keep a good coach down, ans well you cant get much better, so keep an eye on this site and the DSK Facebook page for further updates, where we will point you toward the new future training opportunities.

DSK will be renamed, as will the dojo at some point, but we have also set up a facebook page called ' Sensei Tony Solley'. Please go take a look to see what Sensei is still able to offer in way of training and coaching support during this time.

DSK current students may use their current licences until expiry, if they wish to train at any other Shoujin club once they re open. However if you wish to stay training with Sensei Tony, we'd love to see you , and once established you'll be welcome to re licence.

Thank you everyone for your wonderful support, We are touched by the words of support and kindness already received, and we WILL meet again soon. That's a promise.