How DSK is dealing with Coronavirus concerns

Its a worrying time for all in the world right now, and DSK totally understands everyone's concerns about children especially attending group classes.

We are watching, and listening daily to the advice from both the WHO and UK Government health officials to ensure that we react immediately new advice and directives are given.

In the meantime we have chosen to remain open. Firstly as we want all to not feel over anxious, especially children. We would be the first to close or doors if we were advised to do so, but we are also mindful that as long as we all follow the recommended guidelines there should be minimal risk. Karate is good for physical and mental well being and for this reason we feel we want to keep open for our students as long as possible. Secondly, Karate needs constant practice, and is easy to lose skills from a prolonged time away, and difficult to build up again. Should we have to close we will look at what we can offer in regard to outdoor training etc. Lastly, lets be honest with you all. We are a not for profit establishment with very little margin running a dojo in London as is. Falling numbers with same outgoings may cause us some serious issues staying open in the future, but the health and safety of all who visit is paramount, and we are working with the management to avoid such a situation.

So we are asking all of our students:

1) to ensure thy have washed hands thoroughly before entering the dojo, and again on leaving.

2) To bow and not shake hands with other students only.

3) Have some wipes in their bag to wipe feet and equipment is needed. We will try to keep a supply in the dojo also .

4) To bring their own protective equipment to each class as we cannot loan at this time.

5) be sensible in the dojo, the usual sneeze or cough should be followed by a request to Sensei to be excused to wash hands again.

6) requesting students stay home only if they are displaying symptoms.

We are also:

1) Wiping all hand rails, door handles, light switches, table tops, sets and ledges with

anti-bac every day. after training

2) Spraying and cleaning the tatami mats every days with anti-bac cleaner

3) Ensuring all staff are regularly cleaning hands.

If you have any questions at all or concerns about your child training at this time, please

don't hesitate to contact us at