A big thank you during this difficult time.

We just wanted to say a huge thank you to those who have donated to the club, either for on line lessons or just a gift. It is greatly appreciated.

We are however no way out of the woods yet, whilst we have applied for funding to help, we are not yet guaranteed help to cover costs to stay open when we are able to. ( which we don't of course know yet when that will be).

As a not for profit club, we only have limited funds available to continue to pay beyond a few months, and our main concern is getting people back to the dojo once we reopen, as we are incredibly reliant on tuition subs as our main source of income.

So what can you do to help?

1) Get yourselves,back to training as soon as you are able to do so

2) suggest some fundraising ideas we can do as a club together on our return

3) encourage friends to join us on your return, lets face it, its a skill that you can practice to keep you sane if this ever happens again right ?

4) spread the word about our club and dojo, and let people know about how much you enjoy being part of the Shoujin family.

5) If you are still able to donate, please do so, although we realise these are difficult times for all. Message for direct payment details or donate via link on website.

Thank you everyone for supporting us, and we really cannot wait to see you all face to face again soon.

Continue to stay safe and big love to you and your families.