So, the date is set and we are announcing nice and early, so no excuses. Unfortunately Sensei Tony, and two of our elite squad will be in Venice trying to avoid eating too many cornettos! But the show must go on, and we really want all club members, ( also open to other Shoujin club members) established or new to attend this Decembers club competition. and why I hear you ask!

1) its a great way to test your skills learnt so far, competition is not just about winning, but really the only safe way to see if what you learn in lessons is actually applicable, but in a safe controlled environment.

2) You get to meet your club team mates that maybe train on other evenings that you don't usually meet or train with

3) You get to see how a karate comp works, maybe then you might wish to join the comp squad for some external comps! ( no pressure)

4) Your parents get to see what they spend their hard earned cash on, and always lovely to see proud parents seeing a return on their investment.

5) It's a fundraiser for DSK. Its really hard to keep costs low and pay all the overheads required to run a full time dojo in London. Help us keep going by supporting your club.

6) ITS FUN! Honestly, often kids get anxious about competitions, but we ensure that its a fun controlled and enjoyable day, We even have a non karate parents category........ our most popular usually!

7) If you enter or come to watch on the day, you get free entry to our evening party, always fun had!

Whats not to love, and if you really DON'T want to compete, please come and spectate. Come and cheer everyone on and see what the fuss is all about.

See the competition board on the entry staircase for category details, and see admin for entry forms.