Grading week at DSK

This week has seen a week of junior gradings, culminating in DSKs club grading today, all 9th to 7th Kyu.   Everyone worked hard with the Wednesday juniors setting a record all achieving gold star passes.  With an increasing number of seniors at the club it was great to see some grading today, and a total of 8 1st class passes of 23 grading students.  Its always tough to find the time and determination to regularly train and improve. At DSK we have set the bar high for the criteria to be eligible for gradings and even higher to achieve a pass, let alone a 1st class pass. We hope to see many more of our students striving to improve, but remember. Whether you grade and climb the kyu grade ladder towards a black belt and beyond or not, your karate is personal to you, and only you will truly know if you have earned your right to grade and succeed.  If you wish to discuss anything about gradings, please speak to sensei.