Ladies of DSK meet one of GBs finest women of sport.

Yesterday some of the ladies of DSK were invited to meet Christine Ohuruogu, British 400m record holder, world and Olympic Champiob, where we got to here about her journey in sport, her support network and what she did to train herself to world stage

 sucess. The strong message that we took home is that only you can decide if you want to suceed at competition, and to trust your coach, even though some days you might hate them. They dont have to do what they do either, so if they are making the effort whether its what you want to hear or not, its because they believe in you. Christine was so lovely, down to earth and showed that with focus it's possible to reach your goals. Having heard her speak we hope that as ladies of DSK we will continue to inspire everyone at DSK. And if you want to reach the top of your game we are here to support you.