Grading success at DSK

Its always a nerve wracking time when gradings come around, but as we say at DSK. Its not about the belts, its about the quality of the karate you learn. For parents to understand the criteria for grading is firstly, good and regular attendance. Lets face it if you only train once per week, you will likely not progress as quickly as someone who trains 2-3 times a week or more. Secondly Sensei has to feel you are mentally and physically ready to progress, at which time when grading time comes around you will be given a form to apply for gradings. Lastly, you as the student ( or your child) has to feel ready to progress. There is nothing to be gained by passing a student that is not able to demonstrate the requirements for each grading level, so if the student does not feel prepared but still applies, then there is always a risk of disappointment. Its a tough lesson but one that will serve well in life.

We are happy to report that we had no failures this grading week, however the introduction of a 1st/ 2nd and 3rd class will help to highlight to those that passed, how much work and effort they will need to apply before progressing further.

As parents, whilst we understand the difficulties of schedules, workload etc, don't underestimate the benefits of ensuring your child trains regularly, in order to really gain the benefits that martial arts have to give. If you want to talk to Sensei or any of the team about gradings, please don't be afraid to ask.

Also a special congratulations to Kirk Zammit and Brian Mott who completed their general gradings also last week in front of our association panel..