Back with a bang for 2019

Its always an exciting prospect starting the New Year with new hope, aspirations and goals. Perhaps this year you will be working towards learning a new life skill, getting fit, meeting new people, a healthy new you, improved well being, or like me most days, a reason for getting up and out if nothing else! Well martial arts offers all of the above and more, and we would love to support you, whatever your goals may be. No pushing, shoving, shouting drop and give me 20! but an encouraging yet disciplined support structure to help you onto a new life style not just a life skill.

Get your kids off the play station or xbox and even the streets, and bring them down to try a class for free. we are even all open school holidays except between Christmas and New Year.

If you are already a karate ka, or even an aspiring world champion, then we hope to also to able to offer you all levels of support, and direct you further to meet your goals,

With two of our instructors now WKF accredited coaches for international competition coaching the only way is up.

With courses, comps, and extra curricular events throughout the year, what else could you want from your local, community based karate club?

Come along and meet the team, you'll be glad you did.