KDF Open success

Sunday October 15th saw a Shoujin team of 13 attend the KDF open championships in Barking Essex. A nice local competition for a change but a high standard none the less. Also a great opportunity for some of our more novice competitors to take to the tatami (mats) . I personally like competition. Not for the results or the glory, but for the confidence of the students. There is no better way to see if what you learn in the dojo translates to the mat, than facing an opponent you have trained with before and going tor to toe.

Our team coached primarily by Sensei Peter Bowtell did themselves and us proud. Some of our novice students getting through a round or two, even if not successful on the medal table. A great achievement. However overall the team returned with 8 gold, 5 silver and 5 bronze medals. Special shout out to our sibling teams doing a great job, Medals for Brother and sister team Atene Juraite and Arminas Juras, also double golds for both Gorelcenka brothers Mantas and Jorunas ( Basher) and for the Galambos brothers, Laszlo and Mate. Thanks also to some of our higher grade junior coaches supporting the younger team members. Real team support. I heard the parent support was rousing also! Thanks to all and look forward to the next one.