A rough guide to Gradings

I get many questions about how the grading system works, so thought I would add a rough guide for students and parents alike. Firstly its important to know that all students MUST be fully affiliated members of Shoujin Karate Kai to be able to grade, that means they must be in possession of a valid licence. If you've been training for at lease a month ask for a form. They are £22 per year. Next students MUST attend regularly. Its no good turning up once a fortnight and expecting to grade. the register is reviewed a good month or two prior to proposed grading dates to evaluate who may be eligible. Please note that even if forms are returned, if attendance is lacking prior to the grading itself, you may be refused the opportunity to grade.

Lastly attitude to training. Every student needs to apply themselves to their training. you may turn up every lesson but if your not focused and applying yourself, Sensei may feel your not ready to progress. Its not in the clubs interest , or in your parents interest to submit you for a grading you are not ready for, so be ready.

Grading is not a race, and not a competition. Your karate progression is purely a personal journey and a challenge to yourself. Many parents ask why their child is not grading when they have been coming as long as someone else for example. It may simply be that they are not ready yet. That doesn't mean not as good, or not working as hard, but simply needs a little more time for that particular grading criteria! It may also be that they are not applying themselves in class. If in doubt, please speak to the Sensei.

Ultimately the goal is to progress each student at the correct pace, to the correct ability and to keep to the Shoujin standards. The picture attached is a rough guide to the belt system and how the gradings work. Please ask if you have any more questions.