UKC2..karate spectular

On Sunday 7th October, three Shoujin athletes along with friends, family and coach sensei Tony Solley,  travelled to the Barnsley Metrodome to take part in the annual spectacular called UKC2.  The event is limited to selected athletes and is a showcase event streamed live on the internet and we had a ringside (or tatami matside) table with a great view. The venue looked amazing with the tatami under spotlight and a glittering starlet back wall.  The athletes would walk out on stage to pumping music and laser lights.  There was a bar and basic bar food available.  

The evening began with senior female and male kata.  All of the finals would be at the end of the evening.  The the following categories 12-13 years male and female, 14-15 years make and female,  16-17 years male and female and senior categories.  Representing Shoujin were DSKs Mantas Gorelcenka and NSKs JJ Francis,  both in the male 14-15 year group, and Domantas Stankus in the male 16-17 year category.   

Mantas came up against another all rounder well known on the circuit.  The Welsh fighter and Mantas both fought well but no score for either left Mantas losing out on referee Hantai decision. He did himself proud though.   Domantas came up against the Scottish contingent in the first round having just recovered from a bout of illness but fought really well.  He was unluckily scored against with an upon 3 points which to us looked clearly blocked by Some arm.   Unfortunately it was the end of the night for Dom.  JJ however scared us all with a narrow 1-0 victory in the first round, a more convincing win in the next and was victorious to take the title in the final. Also victorious were Lauren and Chloe Salisbury who some may know as friends of the club from Uechi-ryu Association.  All in all a great night out.  A chance to mix with the karate elite,  Have a drink with friends and watch some great karate. For all ages, we thoroughly enjoyed the evening. We hope to get A few athletes in the UKC3 next year, and we'd love it if you'd join us for a great night out.