DSK National pride

I often gush lyrical about our students,  Their commitment, positive attitude and how proud they make us every day,  not just because of their hard work and quality karate,  but because they are genuinely good people through and through.

One particular student however has made me feel both a little guilty and immensely proud this week..

 DSKs Jorunas ( Basher) Gorelcenka is well  known to most of us at DSK,  but maybe to those newer members a quick recap.   'Basher' as he is commonly known to all, with his blonde hair and twinkly blue eyes, has been training  at DSK from the start with Sensei Tony Solley, since 2012,  and at the tender age of 10, can already boast  many national titles at competition,  and trust me when I say , between him and his brother Mantas ( and sister Gabija for a short while) you can barely see wall space for medals and trophies in mums living room.

However this year Basher took a leap into England National selections and secured him self a place n the South East regional kumite team, as well as the England National Youth kata squad..  So you can imagine why the proud gushy comments are waiting for us to splurge upon this blog!!!  However what has really made me proud tis week is that tomorrow Basher will fly to Finland to participate in his first national competition, coached by National  Kata coach James Scanlon, and in order to do this Basher has sacrificed a residential trip to fairplay house with his school. .  For those that live  outside the London Borough of Newham,  I can't tell you enough about how often I hear kids talk about looking forward to this trip and how much fun it is.  So now maybe you can understand the guilty part.   The maturity  and sacrifice that this 10 year old lad has already shown, without even being asked, is truly inspirational,  and I hope that by writing this blog others can understand that being truly great at anything, does not come without hard work and sacrifice.   Please ensure to wish him good luck tonight at the club.   Basher is also asking for sponsorship to dye to hair blue to help raise money towards future comps.  Please ask Joy or Lyn

 for the sponsor form.   GO BASHER!