Dudley success in run up to British open

A small team attended the United Styles open hosted by PC Academy in Dudley on Sunday 10th September. Most of whom were in preparation for the upcoming British open in Edinburgh at the end of the month.   The team brought back 4 gold, two silver and two bronze. With Jorunas Gorelcenka winning all three of his categories. Big Brother Mantas Gorelcenka narrowly missed gold in kata to take silver,  but took gold in kumite against our very own Eimantas Puzneckis (always bitter sweet to see two of ours in a final, knowing both can't take gold, but proud they both still go for it wanting to win).  A disappointing result for Danielius Pavilonis who put in an outstanding kata performance not given the credit by a referee, but that's competition for you.  Taumantas Kantaravicius and Oana Dinca of NSK both put in solid performances showing improvement.   All in all, great work.