The joy of shared karate

One thing I admire is when people show their true love of karate through the joy of training.  No egos or personal agenda,  just the enjoyment of sharing your love of the art.  Well a group of Shoujin students were invited along to a dojo in Essex on Saturday  (which happened to be world karate day also) to join the Uechi-ryu associations club day for a marathon 5 hour training session.  There were some other clubs invited also,  mostly they have got to know each other on the competition circuit.  It was blazing hot,  and have rarely seen as much sweat as was produced in that room,  but was a great opportunity to train  with different people, make new friends and enjoy our karate. DSK would like to thank Sensei Dean Lowe for his kind invitation,  and once in situe in the new dojo,  we hope to be able to return the compliment and extend an invitation ourselves.  Well done to Sensei Tony,  Domantas Stankus, Eimantas Puzneckis, Mantas Gorelcenka, Basher Gorelcenka and Oana Since for completing the training.