Happy Birthday DSK

So our baby is 5 years old already!  Yes DSK has been open for 5 years,  and what a 5 years it has been. We've had a few rocky moments, and some magnificent high points. I can honestly say they've made us stronger and prouder of the amazing club we have today.  

We couldn't of course do it without the tireless effort of our volunteers,  both admin and instructors.  The wonderful parents who give so much to their kids to get them to training and support what we teach (Yes you unsung heroes...we recognise and salute you all) and of course our students,  who make us proud by giving their all in training and being respectful outside of the dojo. 

So who knows what the next 5 years will bring? We have a shiny new, bigger dojo. Extra classes, including adult only sessions,  and exciting plans for competition. So we hope you'll join us on our journey for many years to come. Thank you all for supporting us.