Travelling to train with England Kata Coaches

It's tough when you want to be the best, and one of the toughest challenges is finding the time and money to travel to train at the best courses with the best people. On Sunday 26th Feb, three DSK'ers departed at the crack of dawn to travel to Ripon, Yorkshire to attend a kata course with current England senior kata coach Jon Mottram. They spent the day alongside members of the England kata team, including recent European bronze medallist Lauren Fretwell. as well as Junior England coaches Aimee Sell and Asst. coach James Scanlon. All three thoroughly enjoyed the day learning a new kata from the Shitoryu style of karate, as well as the technical applications of Unsu, from the Shotokan style of karate. Then creating their own bunkai working with different people from other clubs attending. Everyone really enjoyed it, even though it was a long day, really hard work and a late night home. Keep an eye on our courses and info slides to see what else is available to attend.