Grading day at DSK

Saturday 28th Jan 2017 saw the first of both club and General gradings of 2017 held at DSKs home, UEL Sportsdock. For those of you not familiar with the senior grading structure. Allow me to explain. The general rule is that students beginning to learn Karate aged 10 years and above will begin working towards belts, or as they are known 'Kyu' grades ( sounds like queue) from a specific grading syllabus. All beginners start with a solid white belt Then move from 9th Kyu (red belt with white stripe to 1st Kyu ( Brown belt) . After which time they will grade for a Dan grade ( Black belt).

Grades 9th Kyu to 5th Kyu are held within each club graded by the senior instructor of that club. In the case of DSK this is sensei Tony Solley. After this students will progress to general grading.

General gradings are for any student grading for 4th Kyu (solid orange belt) up to Dan grades ( black belts) and are for students from all Shoujin clubs, graded together by the heads of Shoujin Karate Kai, and sometimes senior grade instructors.

These are intensive examinations, held most often on a weekend, under strict conditions.

Today sensei Tony Solley (5th Dan) graded the following DSK students to whom we would like to congratulate each on their achievement: :

8th Kyu (solid red ) - Danylo Martyniuk

7th Kyu (Yellow with white stripe) John Corp

Aaryan Kamal

Ethan Mundt

Zayne Hoang

Brian Mott

Karthik Narayanan

6th Kyu (solid yellow) Jack Medhurst

Rebecca Popescu

Eimantas Puzneckis

5th Kyu ( Orange with White stripe) Martyna Griskeviciute

Graded by Association heads sensei Helen Pree (7th Dan) and sensei Phil Francis (7th Dan) as general grading

4th Kyu (solid oranget) Arminas Juras

2nd Kyu (solid blue) James (J.J.) Francis - from Newham Shoujin but trains at DSK

1st Dan (black belt) Domantas Stankus