DSK bang on it for 2017

Well Happy New Year DSK'ers , and we are back in full swing, and in an attempt to be organised I have produced a newsletter for you all to give you a heads up on whats going on at the club, and some key dates to be aware of with regards to junior belt grading dates, club grading dates and Shoujin squad training. So pick one up at the club.

The competition season has started almost straight away and the squad were straight back into training for the English Karate Federation national kyu grade championships that will take place this weekend on 15th January in Sheffield. This is a great competition for all grades from beginner to 1st Kyu brown belt, so please wish our students well ( I will list them at the bottom)

We are really keen to encourage students to try competition. it a great way for students to not only build confidence that what they have learnt in the dojo can be applied in real situations, and become confident performers, but also there is a really good lesson for children especially to learn how to cope with failure and disappointment, and how to take the lessons from it and apply improvement through hard work and discipline to improve. A lesson for life that I feel isn't always readily available these days. We don't expect every student to come back with medals and trophies, but if our students come back feeling good about themselves, proud for making it through some rounds, and feel they are improving a little bit at a time, then we also can be proud of what we do here at DSK.

We of course need parents support too achieve this, to encourage regular training, to not coach themselves but re-enforce what is coached by our instructors, Competitions do generally have a cost and involve some travel, so please speak to us to manage expectations. Whether ready to compete or not, get licenced and attend squad training once per month. for age 10 yrs + ( or less with sensei permission) its an intensive 2hours of kata and 2 hours of kumite on a Saturday afternoon, at Newham leisure centre, ask for dates.

Also for kumite ( fighting) enthusiast, Sensei Solley now has a kumite only night on Thursdays at Newham Leisure Centre from 7-9 pm, just £4 no uniform but protection, pads and gum shield essential and again aimed at 10 yrs + unless OK's by sensei Solley.

Well bye for now and don't forget to wish our guys good luck for Sunday

From: DSK :

Domantas Stankus, Danielus Pavilonis, Eimantas Puzneckis, Martyna Griskeviciute, Rebecca Popescu, Mantas Gorelcenka, Arminas Juras, Jorunas ( Basher) Gorelcenka,

From Newham training at DSK :

James (JJ) Francis and Taumantas Kantaravicius