All DSK supporters should check out the new club calendar. Here we have all of our classes, courses, upcoming competitions that we plan to attend, and of course our club comps and parties, so no excuses for not planning your time effectively. NEW additions are - Monday 8-9 pm class will now be elite Kata training, and we are opening up to non Shoujin clubs with their senseis permission. From September see the start of our early grades kata class also from 5-6pm, to help the early grades enhanced their kata techniques. We also have courses over the summer holidays , so keep your eyes peeled for our notifications also.

DSK acquire Safeguarding in martial arts accreditation

DSK are very proud to have acquired newly recognised safeguarding in martial arts accreditation. IN order to acquire this DSK have shown commitment to ensuring we follow best practice in regards to child safeguarding, and have submitted evidence in relation to the policies and guidelines that we fiollow. It is very important to ensure that DSK are demonstrating our commitment to child safety, and also for the safeguarding of our staff and volunteers. Please check out all about the accrediation, and feel free to ask us about it at any time.